SCB Group is a world leading commodity broking group
of companies.

As brokers SCB want to connect buyers and sellers of all commodities across the globe. Through increasing price transparency and lowering trading costs SCB will serve the commodities industry.  


The commodities industry is undergoing huge changes; products, trade flows, participants and volumes.  The founders and staff at SCB are attracted by the excitement and opportunity of these changes.


SCB adds value for clients through our work practices. We believe in being enterprising, driving to creative solutions. We are comfortable with responsibility, accepting the consequences good and bad. Our commitment is a relentless pursuit of our clients’ goals. We are guided by our integrity, avoiding anything we could not justify to our stakeholders and above all our clients benefit from our focused vision of becoming the world’s largest commodity broker.


Through our integrated offices across the world we have the reach to cover all market sectors in physical and derivative commodity products.


SCB Group is the world’s largest biofuel brokerage group of companies and is a market leader in RINS, biomass wood chip and pellets, glycerine and paper swaps on biofuels and biomass in all locations.

In the physical agricultural markets our original focus was the biofuel feedstocks; corn, soybeans, wheat, palm oil, canola and rapeseed oil and meal. Our expertise in Listed Agriculture markets is growing and we are leaders in European Grains and Softs as well as a presence in the American and Asian exchanges in which we are a market leader in CPO brokerage.


Energy products arranged include paper swap and listed futures on European gasoil, Jet fuel, fuel oil and gasoline markets. Our range of energy products is expanding.

We are delighted to be celebrating our 10th anniversary serving our clients. We have reached this milestone through the commitment and hard work of our staff and clients.




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